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16 - Abraham Lincoln and world cup final

This study should not be read by public except after acceptance of trusted Muslim scholars, and all of my own ideas and theories may be right or wrong depending on this acceptance

Abraham Lincoln and world cup final

If you read my blogspot about Abraham Lincoln in Quran ( may be you noticed that the story is always like the following:

- A western symbol for Jesus should be available

 (The biggest statue for Jesus all over the world  -  Or good Friday the date of trying to kill Jesus  -  Or   25 of December the date of birth of Jesus as per western church beliefs)

-The one hit knockout should happens among public 
 (Final match of FIFA world cup  -                            Or Ford theater during a comedy show  -              Or  Memory of a victory during a military show)

-The person who will do the one hit knockout should be belonging to Mary like Mario        (Mario is a masculine from of Mary - Maria)       and like John Wilkes Booth the son of Mary who came from “Mary land” state and he planned for killing Lincoln in the house of Mary Surratt.

John Wilkes Booth

Mario Gotze

-The one hit knockout should be in the left side,  and see that Mario came from left side and he took the ball on his left shoulder and he finished it left foot to go in the left side of the goal keeper, and also Lincoln was shot behind his left ear with a lead ball.

- A remarkable repetition of number 4 should be available and related to the one hit knockout ,  like the  .44  caliber  deringer  pistol  which killed Lincoln by a lead ball on 14/4 (14 of April),   and like the fourth time to win FIFA world cup  in foot ball (years  54,  74,  90  and  14) when Mario came on as a substitute in the 88th minute (4444) and he scored with only eight minutes of extra time remaining before the end of match

Remember that this study is based on "The star" chapter " in holy Quran and especially verse number 44  in "The star" chapter, and the indication of the end and death in this verse:

43  And that it is He who makes [one] laugh and weep

44  And that it is He who causes death and gives life


Do not forget that the key for this study was the mascot of the republican party (The elephant), and the number of pairs of chromosomes for the elephant which is 28, and an Arabic word in "The star" chapter pronounced as "DNA" and it has the same letters of the English word "DNA" in Arabic, and the order of this Arabic word in "The star" chapter is 28, while this chapter is about the ascending of prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) to heavens, and during this Journey he described the leaves of a tree as if they are like "ears of elephants" while the DNA samples for elephants are usually taken from blood from his ears, and this study is about the end of the companions of the elephants and shooting  "Lincoln" on 14 of April

And now see that the mascot of world cup 2014 is called "Fuleco", and in a similar way of finding an Arabic word has the same pronouncing of an English word, we have here this English word "Fuleco" which gives the first impression to Arabic people about the elephant (in Arabic elephant is called feeel), and see that the companions of this Fuleco (Brazil team) lost the cup, and also Germany team won their match against them (7-1), and they won also their match against USA and they got the cup

I cannot count how many current events and past events which I found in holy Quran during this Islamic year 1435, and as I explained before this number 1435 is related to “The great signs of the Lord” which are mentioned in “The star” chapter in holy Quran

To be continued

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