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4 - Freeing of a slave

This study should not be read by public except after acceptance of trusted Muslim scholars, and all of my own ideas and theories may be right or wrong depending on this acceptance

Freeing of a slave

Note also that the word “Abraham” is mentioned 69 times in Quran, and the last word "Abraham" in Quran is also adjacent to the word  “Moses”, exactly the same as verse 37 in the star chapter but with different orders (This word “Moses” also is the last word “Moses” in Quran i.e. we have the last words “Moses” and “Abraham” in Quran came together in one verse, and you know that prophet Moses main message was to make children of Israel free, because they were like slaves under the control of pharaoh, and pharaoh soldiers were searching for Moses to kill him because he killed one of the Egyptians who was punishing one of Israelis, and also Lincoln was killed because he defended slaves, and you may know that hundreds of thousands of pharaoh soldiers Killed by drowning because of Israelis slaves, and hundreds of thousands of American soldiers were killed in the American civil war also because of freeing of slaves, and later I will explain the great sign in chapter 26 the poets chapter about Moses and Abraham stories and the end of Abraham) and now back to our subject about the words “Moses and Abraham”:

The star chapter

53:36  Or has he not been informed of what was in the scriptures of Moses
53:37  And [of] Abraham, who fulfilled [his obligations] –

The Most High chapter

86:18 Indeed, this is in the former scriptures,
87:19  The scriptures of Abraham and Moses.

The above verse (87:19) is the last verse in Quran to have the word “Moses” and it is also the last verse in Quran to have the word “Abraham”!!!!!!, and it is the word “Abraham” number 69 in Quran, and after the above verse (87:19) by 69 verses you will have the last verse in Quran to find the freeing of slaves (69 = 26 verses in The Overwhelming chapter, plus 30 verses in the dawn chapter, plus 13 verses in the city chapter)


The city chapter

90:11 But he has not broken through the difficult pass.

90:12 And what can make you know what is [breaking through] the difficult pass?

90:13 It is the freeing of a slave

Think carefully about the above verses, and about the difficult pass of freeing slaves (and remember the very cruel civil war resulted in hundreds of thousands of victims), and note the question "what can make you know?" which may make you think about an event in the future.

Note also that we have 56 verses after the last verse in Quran which has the word “Abraham” until we stop direct before the start of the city chapter, and 56 is almost the age of Abraham when he died (remember that we are talking about the last word “Abraham”) after freeing of slaves, and 56 is also the total number of chromosomes of the elephant which is the symbol of the republican party (Abraham party).

 And we have also 37 chapters after the star chapter (chapter 53) until we reach the city chapter (chapter 90), and our verse in the star chapter which directed us to Lincoln is verse number 37, also Lincoln was 28 years old on 1937, and 28 is the number of pairs of chromosomes of the elephant, (wait for me to read an amazing story about the elephant chromosomes in the star chapter), and we have 280 words starting from the last verse in Quran to have the word "Abraham" until the last verse in Quran to mention freeing of slaves.

Now read with me the verse which has the only word "Ad" in "Abraham" chapter in Quran:

14:9  Has there not reached you the news of those before you - the people of Noah and 'Aad and Thamud and those after them? No one knows them but Allah . Their messengers brought them clear proofs, but they returned their hands to their mouths and said, "Indeed, we disbelieve in that with which you have been sent, and indeed we are, about that to which you invite us, in disquieting doubt."

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